Facilities -: Immunology

COBAS e411
from ROCHE, Germany

COBAS e411 is a random access system-using state of the art Electro Chemiluminescence technology capable of performing very wide range of Immunoassays (Hormones, Cancer Markers, Microbiology parameter etc) at a speed of about 80 tests per hour.
ELFA System from bio
Merieux France

It is an immuloanalyzer, which uses ELFA technology (Enzyme Linked Fluorescence Assay) principle. The range of tests cover numerous fields in immunoanalysis, from infectious diseases to metabolites. With this system it is possible to detect Australia antigen and HIV (P24 antigen) very early.
from Human Germany

A compact general purpose microprocessor based microtiter strip reader capable of monochromatically and bichromatically taking reading at four wave lengths.